Managed Virtual servers

Nowadays virtualization is the only solution for businesses demanding uptime, flexibility and manageability. It is so easy to upgrade your current machine adding more resources or even to downgrade it. That is the best solution for your budget because you only pay for what you are using.

One of the key services we provide is System administration. We will recommend the best configuration and monitoring of your services. We will inform you immediately if any problems arise, such as high load, misconfiguration or unusual operation of your services, and, of course, we will provide all the necessary information about the possible solutions.

Our tools and equipment:

  • VMware Cloud Provider
  • Dell servers
  • SSD FC storages
  • Cisco and MikroTik switches and routers
  • Uplink connections to Telia and LTC

What's in the package:

  • 99.95% Uptime and availability
  • 24/7 tehnical support
  • RHEL-based Linux
  • System administration
  • Monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery


Memory 1GB3.50 EUR/month
CPU 1 core3.50 EUR/month
SSD 1GB0.10 EUR/month
Backup and Recovery 1GB0.15 EUR/month
Server administration
1. - 2. server
3. - 6. server
7. - 20. server

50.00 EUR/month per server
25.00 EUR/month per server
10.00 EUR/month per server
Additional Server administraton
(Applies if client has a special case)
50.00 EUR/hour

Special configurations:

mVPS MinimVPS Standard
  • Memory 1GB
  • CPU 1 core
  • SSD 50GB (20GB OS, 30GB DATA)
  • Server administration
  • Monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Memory 2GB
  • CPU 2 cores
  • SSD 100GB (20GB OS, 80GB DATA)
  • Server administration
  • Monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery
Price 69.50 EUR/month
Special discount -17.10 EUR/month
Price 89.00/month
Special discount -4.00 EUR/month
Total 52.40 EUR/monthTotal 85.00/month

* All prices are without VAT.